At McDougle Technical Institute, we recognize that students are not all created equal when it comes to their past challenges, their present circumstances, or their future aspirations. Regardless of their individual experiences or expectations, we believe that each student should have access to opportunity and options for advancement.

Consistent with the personal and professional legacies of our founders, MTI has created a post secondary experience as one that values every student, every interaction, and every personal journey.

McDougle Technical Institute is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education. Florida Education License #2151.

McDougle Technical Institute – Ocala Campus is located at 2620 S.W. 17th Road #700, Ocala FL 34474. The campus is in a convenient location that provides ample space for teaching and hands on learning. We are easily accessible by public and private transportation. There is plenty of parking available for students, faculty and staff, including reserved handicapped parking spaces.

The facility of 2,100 square feet includes a reception area, a student lounge study area, a classroom, an area for student’s lab work as well as services, an administrative office, and restrooms. The lab services area is equipped with the necessary tools, supplies and equipment for students to practice and offer the required supervised services for each program. The facility is centrally air conditioned and well lighted, is in compliance with state and county regulatory agencies, as well as provides a safe and inviting environment that fosters learning.

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Mission Statement

McDougle Technical Institute helps students build career pathways while pursuing their passion with diverse programs that combine theory and hands-on practice to give them the skills and experience to have an opportunity to succeed.

McDougle Technical Institute prides itself in offering programs that lead to gainful employment.

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