Payment Plans


Students who are unable to pay the tuition and fees in full, may arrange a payment plan to be paid monthly or weekly to the School. To set up a payment plan the School will charge a non refundable $50 payment plan fee. Students are expected to pay all tuition and fees by the published due date. Payments will be posted to the oldest debt first.


All payments that are not paid by the due date will be considered past due and a late payment fee will be added to the amount due.  The late payment fee is equal to 10% of the payment amount due. Failure to make a payment within 5 days of when due will result in a lock on the students account and the student not being allowed to attend the class unless prior arrangements in writing have been made with the Director. Late payment fees will not be waived. 


Students must continually monitor their email and student account information to ensure tuition and fees and other charges are paid in a timely manner. Lack of written notification of the tuition and fee debt does not negate th

e student’s responsibility to pay by the due date. Failure to adhere to the payment plan may result in the payment plan being terminated and the unpaid balance due in full.


Any check or e-payment returned by the bank as unpaid will be assessed a $50.00 returned check charge.